Bad Habits are...

like bad eggs, unhappy events, or sometimes pain. They are life's infinite wisdom and they give us first-hand experiences of cause and effect. They also give us an opportunity to find our strength. And in my case working through a few bad habits puts me on the right side of life's pitfalls.

Personally, a bad habit every now and then is not necessarily a bad thing. It certainly doesn't make anyone a bad person. For example, I enjoy my dad's luau stew, an ice cold beer, a luscious wine, but it doesn't mean I should eat or drink it all day long. I've learned to be aware, acknowledge and take action.

When bad habits take over, a reality check is in order. And if it requires an adjustment, get to it. Remember we all have our vices and the key is to keep it real, for you. Nothing in excess is good. First and foremost, acknowledge the habit. Realize it's a mechanism to escape other more important challenges. Next, it may seem infantile but when you commit to your practice, you deserve a reward and when you skip a step, a reprimand should follow.