Is a Good Thing.

This week's by line is about stepping out of your comfort zone.  A comfort zone according to George Adair is, "Everything you have ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear."

For as long as I can remember, i've been a loner.  As a loner, joining groups was for everyone else; definitely not for me.  To join, meant stepping out of my comfort zone.  When i ventured too far out of my safe place, two things brought me home.  My dad's strength and the deep blue sea.

In addition to being a loner, I'm also extremely headstrong (or stubborn).  Though stubbornness is difficult, it's also a blessing in disguise.  Then, there are those times when the naiveté is ridiculous.  I'm really amazed I accomplished anything.  It does make sense why the road seemed lonely and many times very hard.  Lonely road, hard times, equals, I'm my own worst enemy.  Unfortunately, I allowed someone(s) else to chart my course.  To deter me from being part of something greater than myself.

Tides Change

The tides changed and I joined the Women's Network of San Luis Obispo (SLOWN).  They are an affirmation of experiencing, "everything you have ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear."  As a guest, I shared my Aloha.  In baby step form, I committed myself 100%+ for that hour.  Wouldn't you know, benefits beyond my expectations started to materialize.  Professional, seasoned, successful women interested and impressed with Aloha Chicks.

Baby Steps

Continuing with baby steps, I committed myself again. This time, it was my turn to make the first move. I reached out to the membership and again benefits abound. Now Aloha Chicks is partnering with an established Senior Service provider.  Within a few weeks Aloha Chicks is working with its first weekly client.

Last month I shared a little bit of the Aloha Chicks' world wind flight which started in January 2018.  Moving forward one year, Aloha Chicks starts 2019 with confidence and by Spring welcomes a rebirth.  More and more "Balance my client base" circles my thoughts.  Voila!  I found myself with the time to develop the other 2/3 of my client base.

More Baby Steps

At the beginning of Spring, a recipient of my silent auction donation called me.  She wanted a make-over on her chaotic downstairs closet.  One hour later the chaos transformed into an inviting breathable space.  A few weeks later, her friend needed help sorting, purging and packing for an upcoming relocation.

Another colleague who was going on a much needed vacation, asked if I would fill-in during her absence.  By April my client mix was a balance of seniors, small businesses and busy households.

Recently, Gila Zak, Therapist, said, "A bitch session in your mind, leads to a bitch session in life.  Try telling yourself, I want my ideal client to find me.  I want to find my ideal client.  I want to be paid for my services."  Guess what happened after I started telling myself the latter?

Stepping Over Fear

Everyday, the universe unveils its magnificent ways. It encourages me to take baby steps.  It guides me over fear. Do I have more fears? Absolutely.  And as I face them one at a time, the bigger picture tells me nothing GREAT is ever easy.  If I never try, I'll never learn.  If I never learn, i'll never be part of GREATNESS.  I MUA.