For Real!

One of my favorite topics; clutter and disorganization. I'm hoping you agree it's a bad habit.  Many times out of denial we allow it to persist. In an earlier discussion, I suggested bad habits are an opportunity to find your strengths. If you take anything away from this issue, believe in yourself and rediscover your strengths.  Rather than sugar coating the inevitable, let me put this out there to acknowledge and move forward:

Clutter and disorganization are the result of laziness.

The good news, laziness is not the end of the world and there is a cure!

The next decision is critical.  I invite you to try to a different mindset and behavior.  Will you agree, whatever you've been doing up to this point isn't working? It's clean, mess free for minutes, possibly hours or days. And before you know it, the next time you turn around, its back to the UN-tidiness? Don't worry, it's called RELAPSE.

Something else I won't sugar coat, the purging will be an arduous journey. Have faith, the rewards will be extraordinary.

Everything Has a Home

Do you remember the Karate Kid and Mr. Miyagi's infamous exercises like "Wax on Wax Off"?  Mr. Miyagi and my Dad are brothers-in-arms.  I hear my dad calling, "Who used the cup?" or "Who used the pencil?" or "Who drank the juice?" First, how did he know anyone used a cup, pencil or drank some juice?

Simple, it was out of place. The cup is on the sink, when it should've been washed and placed in the cupboard. The pencil is on the counter top when its home is in the drawer. The empty can of juice is on the table rather than thrown in the trash.  The concept is simple...EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING has a home.

Life Practice

For me (my sister and brother) it is a family affair. We are held accountable and those life practices are a way of thinking and being. A behavior, I believe has helped me sharpen my craft.  To see through the clutter without stress or anxiety and be responsible for a plan that yields productive results. The transformation of the space and soul is amazing.

Words of wisdom:  allow yourself to purge it completely. Not a little at a time, but COMPLETELY, ONE TIME. If at first you don't succeed, no worries.  It's another opportunity to get it right.  Dedicate yourself and in George Adair's words, "everything you ever wanted is sitting on the other side of fear."

Once the purging is complete, change your behavior.   Whether it's 30 minutes or an hour, a day, a week, practice tidiness.  Your new self will enjoy the freedom from the suffocating clutter. You'll find yourself looking at a space and if something is out of place, returning it to its rightful home.  You'll also find yourself smiling when you do it NOW rather than later or later or never.

We are Human

Like exercise, the first few sessions feel like crap. Don't give up, forge ahead.  I promise, it's amazing how good you feel when your space is organized, clear and filled with Aloha...yours. You may have heard this; the journey is as important as the goal. And in the journey, you will solidify your new mindset and practice. Just think...a way of being that is accountable and result driven.  It honors the commitment and practice; and remembers we are human.