The Unspoken Language

By the time I reached high school, the second lesson of A-L-O-H-A was well underway.  By working together we without saying a word, affirm respect, understanding and compassion.


Got Lokahi?

Isn't that a phenomenal unspoken language?. No misunderstanding or words to get in the way but a clear connection to say when I work with you, I give you my trust, respect, understanding and compassion.

Not long ago a colleague threw a chaos of tubs and paperwork in her room to make way for her daughter's temporary setback.  Everyday the piles of paper laughed and snickered, "Don't worry, I'm making myself very, very comfortable."  It wasn't long before the snickering took its toll.  We put things away, gave them a home and her bedroom returned with open arms.


Is there More?

It's not uncommon for many of us to hesitate before taking the first step. Sometimes it's the possibility of "finding more and more and more".  Or the possibility of suffocating? What if I never see the light at the end of the tunnel?

I'm not here to disagree because many times "the more" does shut out the light. But here is the resolve...light comes through the tiniest of openings. It is our beacon to continue. When the first move is handled with care and compassion, it's amazing how we move together.  Like a well choreographed dance, one small step at a time. Before you know it, the solid barrier has been chipped away.  You are left with a shining light to lead you the rest of the way.