Hawaii is a place where many ethnic cultures are intertwined through family and community.  It's a landscape where we learn the subtleties of each culture's unspoken language.  Through the days of our youth.  To curious teens.  Through "I know it better than you", to "If I had only paid attention".  We learn how to do and be without the noise.  Ahh, if only I could be this 24/7.



Ha’aha’a is the fourth principle of Aloha and yesterday is the most recent example of me falling a bit short.  It never fails, being humbled is and will always be an eye-opening, emotional check-n-balance and head thumping I-told-you-so experience. But when I'm in the zone, when the stars align, it's as natural as picking limu, mixing poi, swimming or breathing.


State of Mind

When service is a State of Mind, employing the craft of "quiet diligence" is a brilliant way to navigate through who, what, when, why and how. Many times its undetected, especially when there are multiple people doing multiple tasks in a singular space.


Heed My Words

I don't always look forward to the eye opening emotional-check-in.  Or the "listen little grasshopper" lessons.   However, I will say, they always keep me on the right track. Though Mom and Dad never did the, "I told you so.", the look can never be mistaken for anything but, "Heed my words."