Or Not...

Half the year is behind me and I'm finally coming up for air. Do any of you give yourself a slap upside the head? I do it often.  It's my way of stopping the broken record from repeating and repeating and repeating.

The Rip Current

Not too long ago I slipped into a rip current.  Do you know what they are?  It's like someone very strong pushing you really fast.  So strong and fast, you have no control, in fact you're helpless.  Rather than thrown out to sea, I escaped by gliding off to the right. The rip current blinded me with a tunnel vision approach to opportunities.  In the beginning it feels like everything is cool, smooth sailings and then without warning you're whisked away.

Missing the the signs lay dead center in assuming all opportunities are the right choice. History and my history never disappoint.  Opportunities unveil themselves, a little bit at a time.  And when it reveals itself in a natural, un-forced and un-chaotic way, you know it's golden.

What I continue to learn is the awareness that not every opportunity is intended to be in the present. Can my mind and heart read the signs?  How do I know if the seeds need more tending?  Or if the fruits should be canned for a rainy day?  Is it my time to engage or like the rip current, allow it to run out to sea.

I think we agree, opportunities are all around us. It's up to us to consider and determine if its a good road to travel. Walking thousands of steps and a few missteps, opportunities become more defined with each step in the right direction.  Are they real and pono?  Will they inspire?

The Pothole

Earlier this week I encountered what I thought was a pothole, when in reality it was a blessing...I know we hear those words over and over but in my book, if it's true it shouldn't be a cliche. The pothole made me look deeper. Looking deeper said, "Right on.  Your thousands of steps even missteps are moving you in the right direction."  How lucky am I to curate an idea that first appeared as scratches on a piece of paper.

I'm loving the way the universe moves me like gliding over the reef, diving to pick one of our family's favorite limu, lipoa (variety of seaweed). The pothole halted my cadence until I looked up to see what's in front of me.

Free Will

Now I'm reminded of the importance for a clear vision, respectful engagement and sincerity.  Just as important is whether the the how and why are pono (right or just). And as my Dad would pose, "DID YOU SLEEP GOOD?".  His words remind me of our inalienable right to free will.

In the grand scheme of our space, we control our thoughts and actions.  At first glance, the question might seem irrelevant or pointless.  Some might say, WTF.  Without knowing my Dad, you might think the question is ridiculous and completely off base. Set aside any medical or physical conditions, what he understood was the act of sleeping, or not sleeping, suggests we are either pono or at odds with something.

For in that question lies a universe of how we respond to dichotomies of good and bad, right and wrong, just and unjust. The question is directed at our privilege of deciding who, what, when, where, why, and how.  At whether our actions match up to our sense of good versus bad, right versus wrong and just versus unjust.

What does this have to do with anything? As we move through our 1000's of steps, being ma'a (gain wisdom through experience) and akamai (smart) should be a given but it is just as important to be pono regardless of our perspective or the outcome of the opportunity. Eating, breathing, engaging amongst our community is as certain as the sun rising each morning. And people, our relationships with them, are far more important than an opportunity taken or not taken.

My answer to the question, "Did you sleep good?"...over the years, a few uncomfortable no's, however, most times the answer is yes.