It's Possible.

An organized office, laundry area, living area, bedroom, kitchen, bath and all the other hotspots we don’t see...SOON!

First, let's cultivate these beautiful spaces.  Many times, you’re also preserving your family. OMG, how is this going to happen?

You've heard it before, Yes you have.  Upkeep.  That's right, upkeep is actually the hardest part of being organized. Can you sustain things at the level you want and still run a successful business, happy home, and thriving family? Once you master upkeep, you are the Kahuna of your space.  Not sure what Kahuna means, check out ‘Ōlelo Hawai’i & ‘Ōlelo No’eau.

The first two DIY tips or habits are lifesavers and really do work.  Maintenance is in...

Tip #1: Happy Hands...Get some HAU’OLI LIMA!

Hint:  Be smart, Bring in Support!

Whether it’s a cleaner(s), organizer, or home & business concierge (me 😉), securing help on a weekly or random basis is the most essential part of keeping things clean and organized. It’s a sacrifice at first, but so worth it!  Together you and your support will:

  • clean in hours what it would take four days to do alone
  • sort, file or purge paperwork
  • get you ready for tax season
  • run some errands
  • pick up the carpool
  • downsize your possessions

Tip #2: Create a ROUTINE!

Hint:  This is your best defense!

Whether it’s daily or perhaps on the weekend, creating a routine provides a sense of accomplishment.  You may not realize it, but each upkeep session requires less time.  Are you seeing it?  Once you establish your habit, as you "Practice" or tidy more often, there is less to do each time.  There’s nothing better than to see the fruits of your labor and checking it off your list as DONE! You can:

  • designate particular days for laundry or set aside a particular room to clean on a particular day.
  • in business you can set aside certain days to focus on making sales calls, scheduling your social media marketing, following up on sales leads, filing or admin tasks.
  • work alongside your assistant. Have them follow you through the house as you hit each room putting things away, loading and washing dishes, straightening areas, going through mail and papers that need to be tossed. They can do the deep cleaning, wiping, scrubbing, dusting.
  • same for your office or business. Work alongside your “concierge” giving them your guidance, tossing “stuff”, and taking on projects.

Stay tuned for more tips in the coming months.  For now, I hope these practices serve you as well as they serve me.  Aloha and 'a hui hou'.