Makaloa Buda Bing Buda Boom.

Last month we discussed how we might create a welcoming feel to the exterior of our home…Welina Mai Ku’u Home.  Let’s see if we can come up with a mental rhyme to help us remember the important points.

  • 1-2-3, Inhale and exhale is key.
    • Does it feel like, “We’re glad to see you.”  Does it say, “Welina Mai”?
  • 4-5-6, No fancy tricks.
    • It’s okay if you are part of the space.
  • 7-8-9, Find your Makaloa and you’ll be fine.
    • Remember when you feel welcomed, others will too.

The Front Entry deserves a Makaloa

A warm welcome in the front entry is the Aloha way. And your front entry deserves a makaloa. Let's begin with less is more and more says simplify.

Keep the Treasures

Some people may not like the word purge.  It could stir feelings of ‘getting rid' or ‘letting go’ when you’re not ready.  I get it.  If it’s not time to give it a second life, and they’re important, store it.  You know it’s there when you want it.  For the other real estate, let’s agree space in the home is a golden treasure; it’s a Makaloa Mat.

Diggin the Edit Two-Step

There are a couple of ladies out of Nashville, TN, who use the word ‘Edit’ to describe the first phase of a beautiful space.

I’m digging this word because it doesn’t necessarily mean discard.  However the next two steps we are unanimous.  Understanding the goals of the space and categorizing to form function is the na’auao.  Na’auao is the backbone which allows the essence to be.

Have you ever walked into an exquisitely furnished home and yet, felt unwelcome? Or entered a modest apartment and never wanted to leave? It is within the walls of a calm home that joy is most easily experienced.

If we look at the spaces of our home, let’s think about it in terms of a book.

An entrance hall is the prologue to a home. It sets the mood and should provide a sense of what the house is about to reveal--its character, the personalities of the people who live there.

When making organizational and aesthetic decisions for an entry, let's remember it's the first room you enter.  And therefore, it's the first room in which you take your first inhale.  Hawaiians believe giving one’s Hā is giving life.  As the room gives you its first breath, you inhale, you experience it’s life.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to receive a kiss on your cheek and here it say, “We’re glad you’re home.”?  When you’ve created a space with such fondness, believe me your guests will beg you to share your secret.  Who wouldn't want to replicate the experience.

Simplify-hā, Personify-hā and Detail-hā

What makes an entryway (regardless of size) the warm embrace?  I know you know the answer.  You got it.  Simplify-hā, Personify-hā and Detail-hā

What do I mean by simplify?  Take away the layers.  Return to basics and shed the ‘extra’ things that seem to layer on top of each other.  You know…the entry table, layered with books, mail, newspaper, keys, clothes, gloves, hats, bookbags, clippers, Redbox DVD.  Wait a minute, forgot about the homework, last week’s lunch, water bottle, coffee mug, nail polish, hair bands.  Shall I go on?

After simplify.  Time to personify.  It is a word.  Really.  It’s the active state of causing an action.  In this case, it's the ability to add one’s character or personality to the space.  Here is the next clue.  Less is more and more is simple.

Pick one, maybe two, possibly three of your favorite treasures.  Use them to accent your sense of humor or your deep sense of tradition.  Then again what about your youthful spirit?  There is a way these accents, accentuate each other.  The key is blend and balance.  I like to say the 'happy place' is in the detail.

The Console

Do you remember when I mentioned stripping away the layers from the table?  Once you’ve done the deed, you’re left with an absolute must.  Your entry or console table.  Magic happens around this sometimes missed opportunity.  To me the console table is like the perfect crisp white shirt.

An easy checklist to create a warm welcome in the entry is:

  • Clean Closet
  • Remove personal mail
  • Clean mirrors and pictures
  • Place your favorite potpourri
  • Add an area rug
  • Create ambiance with lighting
  • Paint and spackle
  • Eliminate distinct odors

Best laid plans start with Simplify, Personify and Detail.  Are you sighing?  Relax we'll take care of it.  Sometimes, the best laid plan is to go to plan B.  Call your favorite Aloha Chick and we will be a few short steps away from the fond embrace with your first inhale. 

Next month how do we Makaloa accessories?