And The Senses are Rooted in Aloha

Welcome back.

Makaloa on the Mat says,

  • 1-2-3, Inhale is key.  And when you’re relaxed and have your wits, look at your front entry.  Is it free of chaos?  Does it feel like, “We’re glad to see you.”  Does it say, “Welina Mai”?
  • 4-5-6, No fancy tricks.  It’s okay if you are part of the space.  It’s important your home reflect you and share your personality.
  • 7-8-9, Find your Makaloa and you’ll be fine.  Makaloa is that very special thing to you that when your friends and family see it or embrace it, know they mean something to you.

The font entryway welcomes Aloha by saying,

  • 1-2-3, Personality is the key.  The only thing that matters in your home is you.  Allow yourself the freedom to express it.
  • 4-5-6, Simplify-hā, personify-hā, detail-hā is the fix.  Hā to Hawaiians is an intentional exchange of each other’s breath.  Each other’s life.  Where it’s important, is to remember it’s your essence that should show up here.
  • 7-8-9, Balance and blend tows the line.  Is this making sense?  Don’t need to do too much of a good thing.  Balance makes it feel like it’s more.

What's Next?

The remaining rooms in the house need to continue the warm and joyful feeling that you created with your curb appeal and entryway.  Throughout your home look for ways to add ambiance.  How?  Speaking to your senses gives you a clue.  Consider lighting, pleasant odors, audio subtleties and texture.


Let's Bring in The Light

Lighting can set a mood very easily.  Using lamps, candles, or a fireplace you’ll be amazed how just the right amount, creates warmth and says, “Welina Mai.”

A friend said his family's living room was a fertile ground for lamps.  His mom had lamps everywhere.  Whether you have many or a few, they have a function.  Don’t be afraid to use them.  Today we have more options with brightness.  Use a light bulb that doesn’t hurt your eyes.  Consider a lower wattage; it could give you the warm feeling you’re needing.

Also, did you know pink light bulbs is just what the doctor ordered for an overall healthy looking complexion.  It also softens the hard surfaces in the home.  Using art lights above your favorite artwork is another way of adding warmth to your home and all its treasures.


Candles Etc....

Candles provide a touch of glamour and sensuality. Not only are the scents appealing, but the movement of the flickering light is visually wonderful.  It’s an easy alternative to installing a dimmer switch.  When you let candles do their magic, you create a friendly feeling in the living room, add sparkle to a dinner table and promote romance in the bedroom (plus, everyone looks better by candlelight!). Whether it's a cluster of tea lights, a grouping of candlesticks or a solitary three-wick giant, let the glow of candles fill your rooms -- and your heart -- with warmth and light.

Fireplaces are always enchanting and inviting.  In the winter have the logs burning or install a gas burning fireplace insert.  In spring and summer months, a fireplace can be used for additional candle lighting in the room by placing candles or a candle fixture within the fireplace opening.

Fill several small vases with fresh flowers.  Talk about appealing to two of your most influential sense.  Sight and smell.  Place them throughout your house ‑- in the bathroom, on the bedside table, everywhere you spend time.   Flowers bring the outside in and adds another element of joy.


Listen to your nose

Mold, animals, cigarette smoke and dirt are the most common contributors to odors in your home.  So the elimination of these would be the first and foremost item on your list.  Next, adding fresh clean pleasurable odors to your home is just what the Aloha Chick ordered.  Potpourri, furnace filter perfumers, candles, air fresheners, or your favorite bloom (when it’s in season) etc., all help freshen your home.


Let’s talk about a welcoming home for guests

Expecting overnight, holiday gatherings or long term guests?  Create a welcoming space especially for them.


Rooms Should Say Aloha

Whether it is a short term visit or long term guest, your bathroom needs to say, “Aloha”.  Stock it with guest towels and something special to them.  Place a stack of large dinner napkins in a basket with some little soaps for their use.  Long term guests would benefit from little bottles of shampoo, hand lotion, and body wash.  These can be picked up at your local drugstore for a small cost.  The usage of different textures from cotton to straw to delicate soaps, says, "You deserve to be pampered."


Double Duty

If your guest room can't stay vacant waiting for the next "drop-in," make sure the furniture in that room does double duty. For instance, a home office easily converts to a guest room with the addition of a pullout sofa or a chair-and-a-half. An accompanying ottoman by day is extra seating and storage for sheets, blankets, pillows.  It could even turn a chair into a bed for a child when pushed in front of an armchair.

An armoire stores the business end of the office and can be neatly closed at the end of the day. The important thing to remember is creating a room that is easily transformed for guests.  And when you add a few extra comforts like a feather bed topper, soft bed linens or a fluffy fresh pillow or two, you’ve just laid out the most incredible Makaloa mat.


Personalized Notes

Leave instructions for your guests. You wouldn’t think it but they feel more comfortable and relaxed if they have a sense of what is expected of them.  Especially it they are sharing bathrooms or the kitchen, or if their room doubles as your home office.  These instructions can be simple.  Friendly notes highlighting some of the special touches you’ve mentioned.  For example, "We're up early and are out walking the dog. Coffee and filters are next to the coffee maker. Help yourself to cereal and muffins," or "The bathroom is all yours if you'd like a nice, long soak after 9 pm."

The instructions could even be more elaborate, complete with maps and menus of area attractions and restaurants put together in a notebook. Another option is to have a binder with numbers to call for any predicament--whether it's the nail salon, beauty parlor or local walk-in medical center.


Nothing says Aloha than your favorite foods...and beverage.

A stocked pantry or a full larder is the best unexpected pleasure and sets the tone for welcoming your guests. Today you can even store boxed milk in the pantry, while muffin mixes, cocktail mixers and snacks, dried pasta, jarred sauce and a chunk of Parmesan are all pantry staples that can make entertaining very easy.

Freezers should contain a baguette or two.  Who doesn't on a whim say, "Bruschetta my dear, you're never a rue."  In the summer, a farmer's market becomes an inviting local attraction.  And if you find yourself running short on time, give your guests the address, hinting that if they find some luscious tomatoes and fresh basil you'll whip up some pasta.

Any guest-ready room, even one that has a separate daytime function, should contain amenities and treasures for visitors. These can be stored in a basket or two, a box or a small trunk, ready to retrieve at a moment's notice. Life's pleasures could be extra towels, soap, bathrobe, slippers, disposable toothbrush, razor, shampoo and don't forget the delectable chocolate treat. If they aren't out already, also tuck in the latest novels, books and magazines.  A television, VCR and videotapes, CDs and a player, or a small coffee maker are also generous touches. And even if your guests give you plenty of notice, there's no excuse for not having a welcoming bouquet of flowers.

You can also create an inviting welcoming home by using Feng Shui, the Chinese discipline that teaches you how to attract and enhance your life energy (chi) according to how your space is arranged.


Feng Shui with Aloha

Feng shui can bring positive results to every aspect of your life, including your home.  Try to remember this practice not only looks at placement but the spirit and intention of its placement.

You can create an environment that welcomes health, happiness and love just by moving some furniture and adding a few objects. Start by placing positive elements such as plants, candles, wind chimes and soothing colors around your home

We are approaching the holiday season, so creating a welcoming home is essential.


Creating a joyful feeling about your home can be as simple as placing a wreath on the door to decorating every room with fall, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, or things that are special to you.  I promise you, when your home feels welcoming to you, it can’t help but say, ‘Welina Mai” to everyone who crosses it’s threshold.  You will be the talk of the town and everyone will want to know how you make your home feel soooooooooo good.