Is this the one?  What will it look like?  Feel like?


Once upon a time there was a house, not a home…yet.  Just a house…not your house, yet.  Just a house located at 123 My Favorite Street, My Favorite City, My Favorite State, My Favorite Zip Code.  What would make you stop at the sidewalk and without realizing, walk up the driveway?  Oops, the bark of the dog jogs you out of your trance, standing still, you want to see more.  The dong of the bell sets you in another trance.  And you envision…

If we you were buying your home what would you want to see or not see?  That's the topic of the day.  Purging and decluttering tugs heavily on our emotional heart strings not to mention the intellectual bandwidth.  I’m here to confirm, when our heart and extra baggage are not on the same page, the right hook is painful.  Especially, when our head considers MAYBE.  With maybe follows ‘who or what’, then the ‘should I’ is stepping on your heels.  And before you inhale, ‘of course’ and ‘what if’ take off to the races.


“What would I be willing to do, if I were buying my home?”


Would I leave it as is?  Would I peel it back to bare bones?  Bare bones is an interesting place.  Will you consider, this word, this place, this “state of being” is the beginning of a re-birth  Think back to your place at the front door, hearing the dong of the doorbell.  What do you want to see?  Or better yet, NOT SEE?

I remember the first time (maybe the first in a very long time) a girlfriend arrived home after a long week.  She opened the door.  Standing, her eyes relaxed with a clear and wide view through her living room, kitchen to her backyard and garden.  What do you think she did next?  What do you think she was feeling?  Actually she didn’t move but the ear to ear smile clearly screamed, ”Happy.”

If we consider selling our home as an opportunity to purge, declutter and RE-STAGE, we have the good fortune to peel things back to bare bones.  And herein lies the eight tenets of bringing your home to life.


Tip:  Pace yourself.  Whether you have one or four rooms, big or small, one-room editing is at least a weekend project.


Layer number 1:  Room editing

Often times, rooms just get overcrowded with stuff.  Here’s a secret.  You are not the only one.  I do it as well as millions of others.  When we re-stage our home, it’s important to keep treasures that matter.  You know, those things which make us smile.  This is the perfect time to et go.  Unless you are a glutton for punishment, why use your valuable time handling items over and over.

The purging also extends to fixtures, furniture etc.  Now relocate furniture, fixtures, treasures not remaining in this room to another holding area.  Don’t worry about cleaning yet, the deep cleaning will come later.  But by all means, if fixtures and treasures you’re keeping collected dust mites or cobwebs, clean now.  Next, if you have area rugs for this room, lay it down first.  Move the furniture in place.  Add fixtures.  Then accents like artwork, pillows, throws, baskets etc. Last but not least, your treasures.


Hint:  The bedroom—too many dressers or chest of drawers make the room look much smaller than it is.


Layer number 2:  Clutter Elimination

Remember yourself at the front door.  Would you want to see ‘things’ piled on top of each other?  Think now, are those piles masking the beauty of the room?  Do they say “Welina Mai” (welcome, come in)?  Do they make you want to stay in the room?

Now it's time to revisit the significant collections such as newspapers and magazines, knick-knacks, and overstuffed bookcases.  By eliminating the clutter, your handy work will give you a space of refuge and the freedom to soar.


Hint:  If you find you no longer love the recipes or articles from the magazine, discontinue the subscription.


For the subscriptions that keep giving, keep the best of the best articles, recipes or pages that make you smile.  Remember, the internet offers a wealth of information at your fingertips.  If you love to feel and turn the page, tear out what sparked your interest and let go of the dust accumulator.

Let's recap...

1-2-3, edit, modify and assemble is the key

4-5-6 Letting go is your secret bag of tricks.  And if you decide you need help, Aloha Chicks would love to help you regain your life.  A life filled with Aloha.

Next month we will continue with the next two tenets of bringing your home to life.