Would I keep my hands in my pockets and shoes on?

Yes.  And by the way, it takes a lot for me to keep my shoes on when I walk into a home...just not something I do.  Most people raised in Hawaii follow the same practice as a sign of respect to the family and home.

Last month the heart of the matter posed the question, 'What are we willing to do if we are buying our home?'  And to take it a step further, 'What are we willing to let go in order to edit and modify?'  For example, if you are the potential buyer, would you like your home as is, or would you prefer to see and feel a space with less stuff and a little more organization?

If you love it as is, you are a ROCK STAR!  If you fall into the latter (like many of us), not to worry.  There is a solution.

In simple terms…

  • 1-2-3 Edit, modify and assemble is the key
  • 4-5-6 Letting go is your secret bag of tricks.

This month let’s consider how ‘A Clean Home’ actually says, “Welina Mai”.  And nothing brings a home to life, then a gracious ‘Welcome’ and lots of Aloha.


Practice #3:  Clean!

There is nothing more attractive, satisfying and welcoming than a CLEAN home.  If you’re too busy, a great investment is to hire someone periodically to deep clean.  Yes deep.  From top to bottom, ceiling fan to baseboards and everything in between.

Make a list for each room, paying particular attention to the home’s entrance, interior and exterior, kitchen, and bath areas.  Feel free to revisit the ‘Declutter and Makaloa’ series.  Week to week, you and your family share the responsibilities of maintenance.  All for one and one for your home.


Tip:  Nothing says, “Stay Away” then a home with unpleasant odors or unsightly grime in the bathroom or kitchen.  Would you feel welcome?


Can we agree, if you walked into your home as a potential buyer, you would prefer ‘A Clean Home’?  I think so too.  Then it makes sense, to extend cleanliness to those things which hold offensive odors.


Practice #4: Material/Fabric Things

Let’s return to standing at the front door.  Remember your expectation of what you don’t want to see or smell?  Top on my list is stained, dingy towels, dish towels, sponges, pillows, blankets, carpet, or upholstery.

For towels, dish towels, pillows, drapes, and blankets, launder and swap them out for fresh clean items.  If the sponge looks like it’s on its last leg, toss and replace with new.  If it’s not falling apart, soak in hot water with a dab of Clorox, Pine Sol, or white/distilled vinegar.  Ring out all the liquid and let dry in the sun.  If you have a dishwasher, run it through a cycle with its other mates.  For carpet, best to use a professional if the DIY isn’t working.  And definitely a professional for your custom upholstery.

In the kitchen and bath, consider setting out guest towels and soaps.  Inevitably, a visitor or two will need to use them.  Take a good look at your throw rugs and carpets.  If they are tattered to the point of a trip hazard or badly stained, let’s consider replacing.  I get replacing a room of carpet is a tug on the pocketbook, but a new area rug could be a nice transition solution.

Sometimes we use rugs in unnecessary areas.  Take a second look at your entry way or a room of beautiful wood floors.  Accents should enhance the beauty of the room.  If they are functional, even better.  But if they feel like they are hiding something than we should go back to the drawing board and consider less is more.

The focal and envy of a bedroom, is a made bed.  Doesn’t need to be fancy.  It may seem like a small thing but tattered or worn bedspreads kill the feel of a beautiful room.  Clean, comfortable and inviting is preferred.


Tip:  If the bed, where we typically spend 1/3 of our time, is messy, dirty or not taken care of, then chances are the rest of the house isn’t either.


Let’s recap…

  • 1-2-3 Edit, modify and assemble is the key
  • 4-5-6 Letting go is your secret bag of tricks.
  • 7-8-9 Clean, clean and clean to the 9’s
  • 1-2-3 Offensive textiles sting like a bee.

Next month tenets five and six bring your home to life.  And if you decide you need help, Aloha Chicks would love to help you regain your life.  A life filled with Aloha.  In the meantime, a few resources for your browsing pleasure.

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