About Aloha Chicks

Aloha, I’m Ke Kai Kealoha, the owner and curator of Aloha Chicks.

We help exhausted families and overwhelmed business owners of San Luis Obispo County struggling with too much to do.

As your custom household and business concierge, we take care of everyday errands, small tasks, and big projects.  The goal is remove your stress. Sometimes you need an extra pair of capable hands to tackle the tedious to-do list. Other times you may need support caring for a loved family member.

Whether you’re preparing for tax season or purging paperwork, we're the extra support.  If you're burdened with decluttering, tidying, organizing a single room, or downsizing an entire family home.  We’re there to get it done so you can relax.

As your personal Aloha Chick with a background in operations and project management, I approach each task with efficiency and focus—seasoned with Aloha.

It’s a privilege to watch clients take control of their time, eliminate stress, and check off the to-do list with a smile.

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Your peace of mind is our priority. Aloha Chicks strives to make you feel like a rock star. Every project is catered to your needs, wants, and how we can best serve. Our work is 100% Aloha and is considered complete when you’re satisfied.

We look forward to earning your trust, respect, repeat business and referrals. Let us help you find your Aloha.


Born and raised on the Island of O’ahu, Hawaii, I honor the traditions of family and service. I’ve lived, worked, and studied in Hawaii, Tahiti, New Zealand, Micronesia, and across the Continental US. In 2015, the Central Coast and San Luis Obispo County called out to me, and now I make my Roost in beautiful Morro Bay.

I’m a work-in-progress entrepreneur with extensive experience in the service, marketing and retail industries. I have worked directly with the public as an advocate, artist, athlete, business owner, front line administrative liaison, office manager, operations manager, and project manager.


In 2017, after I was “downsized” for the second time in three years, I knew it was time for a change. After a nanosecond of self pity, I regrouped and found myself with a fresh start.

Why couldn’t I take the best lessons from my Hawaiian family and artistic background and combine them with what I’d learned as a business owner, office & operations manager, and project manager? I found my calling: to bring Aloha to busy households and overwhelmed businesses needing support.


In 2018 I founded Aloha Chicks, a personal concierge service for busy households and small business owners who need a helping hand. Understanding the demands of the all-in-one parent, caregiver, and small business owner, I provide relief from exhaustion and overwhelm.

My clients value the assurance I’ll take care of them. They know they will be served with patience and care in a collaborative, we-are-in-this-together, supportive way. I am proud to say trust and respect are earned over time, and Aloha is the magic that happens from helping and doing good.

With an action-oriented focus, Aloha Chicks does what is needed and what works. By listening and figuring out what is causing the most stress, we help you find an outcome that is calm, clutter free, and filled with Aloha.

Find your Aloha. Schedule your consultation today