What Are People Saying?

"I cannot recommend Aloha Chicks services enough! My wife and I own a local business, and needed Ke Kai's help organizing our facilities to re-open during the pandemic. You will not find a stronger work ethic, more proficient concierge or kinder soul. She can tackle any block to your sorting success, and assist with plans for maintaining that order once the tasks are expertly completed. Request a consultation as soon as you can, and replace your burdens of stress with an ease of Aloha. Thank you, Ke Kai!”

Ryan Heath

Cool Dude and Co-Owner, June 2020

“Ke Kai has been a lifesaver, helping us organize our house (and all of our little kid stuff) to get ready for a big move. I don't think we would manage this move without her!”

Skye Christakos, Mother, Wife, Attorney

George, Cyr & Christakos, SLO, May 2019

“I had never used a concierge service but knew I needed to make a significant change in order to grow in 2020.  We are both members of the SLO Chapter of BNI and I was curious.  I asked her to help me sort, purge my home office.  I couldn’t believe how inspired I felt to be and work in a space I avoided for years.  Who knew a few hours could transform me.”

Jennifer Young

Richardson Properties, SLO & Paso Robles, December 2019

“I couldn’t run the store and set up and host the event. I called Ke Kai and she came to stage for the preparation. She returned the next day to set it up using the stores’ fixtures, giving me a relaxed yet intimate ambiance. She hosted the event, filling the space with Aloha. At the end of the evening, somehow everything was cleaned up. She is well worth the money.”

Judi Appell, Owner and Curator

Furnishings, Morro Bay, June 2018

Ke Kai has a powerful combination of administrative skills and personable demeanor. She has clearly worked in fast-paced, high-demand roles throughout her career, as her level of independence is outstanding. Ke Kai will absolutely complete any task given to her, and will find a way to make it happen effectively. Beyond that, she genuinely thrives in working with others, and actively promotes a lively, enjoyable workplace. As lead administrative assistant on the “front line” of a startup company, she wore many hats with equal confidence and competence, and on a daily basis went beyond her job expectations to make sure that 25 young engineers working long hours had a “family-away-from-home."

Dr. Robert Crockett, Co-Founder

Axon/VR (Now called HaptX), San Luis Obispo, January 2018

“You are my rock. You kept me on task and sane with all the details of planning a wedding.  I felt like I had my own personal stress reliever. Your gentle guidance and control of the tedious tasks eliminated the clutter and mayhem.”

Karen Wilson Valdes

Bride, Morro Bay, October 2019

“The jewel of this relocation was Ke Kai’s efforts to coordinate the flow of information from our mother’s primary care physician to the attending nurse of the new facility. This small act, which took only minutes, resulted in our mother maintaining her independence and pride without compromising her safekeeping.”

EL and PL

Children of Alzheimer's patient, Nipomo, July 2018

“I was stuck. My daughter moved in and I threw my office stuff in my bedroom. I hated looking at the storage bins and piles of paper. In a gentle way, Ke Kai picked up a box and made suggestions for the documents. Two hours later we polished off four large tubs. I was on my way and Ke Kai gave me direction and the push I needed to get out of my funk.”

Tres Wolfe, Owner

Coastal Thrivers, Grover Beach, March 2018

"Mom said the nicest thing about you today.  She said, 'When Ke Kai is here, she acts like you're the only other person in the world.'  Thank you for making her feel special.”

Susan Polk

Susan Polk Insurance, SLO , July 2020

"I won an Aloha Chicks complimentary hour of service at the South Bay Women’s Network Christmas Gala silent auction and my expectations were to get a little bit of help with organizing as well as to meet someone who might be able to help me with future organizing needs. I'm super busy and get overwhelmed when things aren't organized so I really love what you offer.

Honestly, I’ve been avoiding our downstairs closet.  It’s been used as a catchall and I wasn’t sure what could be done in an hour; I thought it would take much longer and was willing to pay for it.

Ke Kai arrived, we chatted.  She let me know she would clear everything out, stage things for me to decide if I would keep, donate or recycle.  Right at the hour, Ke Kai asked me to take a look.  Not only did I have a closet that was spacious, breathable, and clean; she swept the floors!!! I could see.  It was actually relaxing to have my eyes rest on a print that actually gave the space some life and balance.  The bamboo screen I thought would go to the afterlife, was repurposed as a wall covering and holding a family gift.  A living moss board now guided our eyes upward so the space feels much bigger than it is, and everything that was staged to purge, is now on its way to Goodwill.  She is fast, made it so simple, and my closet is actually beautiful!

If someone asked me will I hire Ke Kai again…ABSOLUTELY, in a heart beat."

Melody Burns Huskey, Co-Owner

Wild Bloom Landscaping, Los Osos, February 2019

“It was hell moving my mom the first time. This time, Ke Kai helped my mom prepare and this is the magic part; got my mom to stay out of the way so I could work with the moving company.  She’s our mom whisperer.”


Daughter of Alzheimer's patient, Nipomo, July 2018

“Your positive, efficient, smooth service and quick assessments throughout the party felt like we were working as a team and I think the best part was all the dishes were done so I could relax after everyone left.”

C. Wageman

Event Planner, Grover Beach, May 2019

“I’m unable to chop vegetables anymore. I asked Ke Kai to prepare my salad and vegetables for cooking. She brought her dad’s sharpening stone, turned my dull knife into a precision tool, and sliced my salad vegetables paper thin so I could chew them without pain; I LOVE paper thin onions. I’ve never found anyone who pays that much attention to detail. Ke Kai naturally thinks ahead and anticipates what I might need.”

Amy Bjorklund, Owner

Garlicwise, Arroyo Grande, October 2018

“Ke Kai inspired me to reinvigorate my office with a make-over filled with energy, compassion and heart!  I didn’t know losing the old paper would launch me into a more productive energy. Your quiet focus challenged a positive thinking and doing. It’s very true to you, your spirit and how you work with your clients.”

Arlan Hall, Owner

Beauty Counter, Oceano, January 2019

"My CPA would laugh when I would bring folders of loose paper.  This year I’m handing over a P&L.  Ke Kai took what I don’t like to do, coded my business and medical expenses, tallied them in an online accounting software and filed my receipts; 90 days ahead of schedule.”

Jennifer Young

Richardson Properties, SLO & Paso Robles, January 2020

“It’s our mission to bring a sense of peace and happiness to your life and our vision for you to enjoy Aloha one Kealoha way at a time. 

Call us to take care of the burdens which clutter your life.”

Ke Kai Kealoha

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